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February 12, 2013
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First Social Event

There were royal guards on duty everywhere; at the entrance of the city, the palace, by the sides of the stairs, near the throne room, everywhere everypony turned was guarded by the Princesses’ escorts and soldiers. They bore serious faces as the guests arrived and immediately began to mingle in the ball.

Although they remained stern and devoted to their occupation, they did not disturb the entertainment of the guests or make anypony uncomfortable with their silent, dutiful character. Some of them were actually quite friendly when the occasion called for it.

Servants shuffled about around the palace. They made sure that the service was as excellent as it could ever be. Nopony would leave the palace with complaints of any unheeded request. The ball event was a night that would be remembered down to the very last and smallest of detail.

Entertainers had great success with their finest tricks and acts, gaining the guests’ appraise with each display. The night of the Royal Ball was the most important and entertaining in the Princesses’ kingdom. Everypony--even the guests--gave their best performance, to ensure everything went well.

An earth pony announcer walked to the bottom of the stairs, in front of the crowd. He cleared his throat before he spoke with a loud, clear tone. The music ceased once he clopped his hoof on the marble floor, so that the guests’ attention could be focused on him as he spoke.

"Our most esteemed mare and gentlecolt guests, allow me to make an announcement for the night. The moment that thou hath all awaited hast come. It is an honor to present to thee the fair young princesses of this promising land. Princess Celestia and her sister, Princess Luna, of the city of Canterlot!"

As the ponies greeted the princesses with applauses and praises, the young princesses smiled at each other and walked down the stairs together.

Celestia's white, glittering gown was radiant. Its original color was a glowing white, but it seemed to emit all other bright tones of colors. The effect made Celestia seem as though she herself glowed as well. She wore gold jewelry to match her clothes.

Luna wore a beautiful dress that gleamed with a silver hue off the blue and purple fabric of silk. With every movement, the dress seemed to flow like water, giving her a great gliding effect. She wore silver jewelry to compliment her marvellous outfit.

Celestia let out a surprised chuckle as she stared at the crowd that awaited them. “I did not expect so many to come to this. It has only been a few years since we started the kingdom here.”

Luna smiled timidly as she walked to her seat. “They must be as excited as us, sister. We art sure Mother and Father would be proud of what we have accomplished so far.”

“Of course! I have not seen so many noble guests in a while, only our parents could accomplish something like this, until now. It will be really special.” She looked up at the other side of the ball room. Very, very special... More than a political affair, this ball will truly be fun, and an opportunity for them to know Wilder.

She allowed the party to go on after she and her sister acknowledged the guests and thanked them for their attendance. After a while, she decided that the final introduction for the night was due to be brought about.

"Before we go on, my sister and I would like to introduce a friend that we have met recently, but that has given Luna and me great and sincere amusement and company. We hope that he will continue to make us laugh, and grace you with his remarkable talents tonight."

She looked past the ponies again, then pointed at a spot with her hoof. She smiled when everypony immediately turned to look at that place. "All right, Wilder. If you would be so kind as to come on over with us, you are most welcome.”

The ponies looked at each other when they found nothing and nopony at the spot that Princess Celestia had signaled. They whispered among themselves, but not for long, for something else distracted them.

Wilder made his appearance after a flash of bright light. He smiled excitedly at the crowd of startled ponies. Once the light died down, he spoke loud and clearly, despite the surprised muttering of the crowd.

"Well, hello, everypony! My name’s Wilder. I’ll be tonight's party entertainer. Don’t worry, you’re gonna have a blast unlike you ever have before!" He laughed and snapped his fingers.

The drinks that rested at the table in the room took the forms of different, colorful fish. They swam in the air as he directed them carefully. He snapped his fingers again to make all the guests’ hats disappear, then and top them all over his own head in a tower. “Let’s see...”

Celestia and Luna laughed a bit as they watched him, while the guests talked excitedly among themselves and clopped their hooves at his display.

Wilder continued with the show as he manipulated the fish all around the room. He made them flip in the air, close to the guests, before they glided over in his direction. After he lined up the fish in front of him, he removed the lowest hat from the pile in his head. “Okay, we’re getting there...”

He held the hat in his claws and made all the fish swim inside it. After a shake, the hat let out sparks of all glowing colors that vanished into glitter. He then returned the hats to their owners and took a bow afterwards. “Alright, there! How’d you like that, everypony?”

Celestia smiled and looked around after the hats returned to their owners. She was pleased to see that all of the guests had enjoyed the performance, and asked for more.

Wilder smirked as he watched the ponies. They were genuinely delighted by his talents by then, not freaked out by his appearance or strange antics. They wanted to see more, and that thrilled him to no end.

“Heh. How’s that for an opening.” He glanced at the princesses from the corner of his eye to see their reaction. Then he blushed slightly when he noticed the... divine appearance that both of the sisters had.

Celestia looked particularly delightful that night. The radiance of the dress was only complementary.

“W-Wow...” He looked at the princesses from top to bottom. They seemed quite at ease as they chatted with the guests every so often. He could tell that they put their all into entertaining and keeping them satisfied (though he didn’t know or care about the reasons for the princesses to trouble themselves).

He smirked and decided that he would do his very best, too. And his best he did, putting on the flashiest, most entertaining show that he could create. He made sure that the entertainment was good, ‘proper’, and unique enough to keep the guests thrilled.

It barely took minutes for Wilder and his special magic to become the talk of the party. Nopony could get enough of his performances and tricks. It was not only his magic that enthralled them, it was also his amazing, energetic sense of humor that made them laugh and enjoy themselves, too.

“Phew! That was what I call putting on a show.” He smiled with satisfaction after he saw the ponies talk endlessly and point and glance at him every so often.

Got everypony wrapped up around my claw, in hardly fifteen minutes flat. How’s that for a show, ponies?

Celestia smiled at him and held her hoof up in appraise once she approached him. "An impressive show, Wilder. Your magic truly is remarkable, everypony seems to agree with me. The more I witness it, the more I love it. But my sister and I have told you that before already. It is now the rest of our guest that seem to agree with us. I am glad that you decided to stay with us. You will be a great citizen for our kingdom.”

Wilder chuckled a bit and scratched the back of his head. “Well, thanks, I’m glad to be here, too.”

“But, you know what I am the most glad of? That you are having fun, and sharing your enjoyment and happiness with everypony else.”

Luna watched her sister as she spoke, then turned to Wilder to speak to him herself. "Yes, We art sure that when the time comes, thy magic wilt do great in our defense. No enemy wilt stand a chance if they dare threaten and oppose us, thanks to thy help.”

“Well, yeah! That’s what we want, we want all the mean guys to know they shouldn’t mess with us!” He patted Luna’s head with a smirk. “Right?”

Luna laughed a bit after she brushed her mane back in place. “Thy presence turned out to be a great complement to this land, Wilder.” She bowed her head to show her gratitude and sincerity in her usual serious manner. “We art thankful to thee as well."

"Thank you, thank you, my princesses. I sure am glad my talents were not impeded, and that I bestowed fun upon everypony." He took a bow again after he spoke as properly as possible. He looked up at the table with drinks and food, and moved his tail to perform a spell. Two porcelain cups appeared before the princesses. “How ‘bout a drink?”

Celestia looked up at him and giggled. “Why, thank you, Wilder. How kind of you.”

Luna looked at them, then at the dance floor. She smiled a little and nudged Celestia with her hoof. “Sister, We believe it ist time to join the dance.”

Wilder floated closer to Luna as he tapped her head with his claw. “Will you try dancing, Luna? A ball isn’t a ball if both of the princess hostesses don’t join the dance.”

Luna blushed a bit and tried to step away. “W-Well, if We must... But We really art not very good at it...” She sighed with a bit of frustration as she saw that he had already started doing silly movements, making everypony around him laugh again.

“See? It’s fun! C’mon, let’s go together!” He pulled a protesting Luna down with him, giving her no chance to finish any objections she might have had.

He smirked down at her as he made the youngest princess face him while standing in the center. “Okay, let’s do this! Look at ‘em, all watching us, isn’t it exciting?! I’ll make them laugh their cutie marks off!”

Luna covered her face with her wing as she watched Wilder bounce around her. She was too shy and embarrassed to even try to follow suit, but figured that she would have no other choice, if she wanted to at least try to blend in to avoid further embarrassment.

So she gingerly started to dance to what she did know of the music, though her attempts did not last long. Soon she was just staring at Wilder with an indignant look.

Celestia sighed as she watched Wilder entertain everypony. Soon he would become the center of attention for the ball, as he had easily won everypony’s appraise and fascination. He enjoyed being the source of their laughter above all else. The music was perfect to encourage him, too.

Before she could walk away, though, he appeared from behind her and held her in place. He smiled and placed his claw and paw on her shoulders. “What’s doin’?”

Celestia blinked and looked at him with a small smile. “Oh. Were you not busy a minute ago?”

“Yep. You should see Luna. She’s quite the dancer once she puts her mind to it!” He looked back at the dance floor, though of course, Luna was no longer there.

“Oh? And I assume you made her put her mind to it.”

Wilder shrugged and proceeded to explain calmly, smiling every so often. “Just a bit. I simply reminded her of the first game we played together, the very first time we met. She seems to have quite fond memories of it, just like I do.”

“I can imagine she does.”

“Yeah! She started dancing right away until I got bored of it all.” He laughed as he remembered his little mischief with Luna. “But they all loved her little dance! I don’t know why she’s so self-conscious.”

Celestia couldn’t help but giggle a bit, though she gave what she hoped was a disapproving look at her laughing friend. “You really are mischievous.”

Wilder nodded as he acknowledged her comment as a compliment. He took her hoof and tugged a bit. “Come on, join me in this dance. It’ll be fun, let’s go.”

Celestia blushed a bit. “Huh? But, you just said you were--”

“So I’ll give it another go, doesn’t matter. It’ll be entertaining again, once you join me.” He made his way to the dance floor with her despite her attempts to protest.

Once they were nearly in the middle, he looked at her expectantly.

He knew she would not have room to refuse once they were right in the dance floor... A thought that turned quite literal as couples made their way around them to dance together.

“Well, Celestia?”

She blushed a bit more as she noticed the tempo of the music that everypony had gathered around for. “But, Wilder, this... This is slow dancing.”

He gave her a puzzled look. “Hm? And what does that ever--”

She smiled and gently pointed to the other pony couples that danced fluently around them.

Thankfully, neither of the guests around them had stopped to gawk at them, but minded their own business and couple dancing instead.

Wilder blushed when he understood what she tried to say. “Oh.” Slow dancing. The couples. It’s... romantic dancing? I barely know about it... But... It’s still dancing, b-but why is it so different from before? What’s it mean...?

He glanced at Celestia and shrugged questioningly.

“B-But, we do not have to do it, if you do not want to. It was your idea, but if you do not feel up to it, I understand. I am getting tired, anyway. I-I think it is best--” She blushed when she realized that she was babbling irrationally.

Why am I talking so much about something that just become so... so pointless?! Oh...

She could not make sense of it; why did she start blabbering again?

Wilder shook his head as he ignored Celestia’s nervous excuses, much to the young Sun Princess’ relief. “Nah, come here. It was my idea.”

He quickly pulled her closer to dance. A bit too hard, he realized, for he tugged Celestia right up close to him. He blushed and Celestia blushed even brighter.

She could only stare at him as they remained frozen in their two-legged standing position for a few seconds, still close together. “Um...”

“S-Sorry--” He took one small step back to put proper distance between them, then raised an eyebrow when she turned away to hide her deeper blush.

“It’s alright.” She spoke very quickly, and moved a bit awkwardly at first.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, Wilder finally got the courage to mutter out a question to her. “Um... H-Hey... Celestia...”


He gave her a bit of a look, feeling embarrassed. “Don’t get any ideas.” He glanced aside with a slight frown on his face. “We’re just friends dancing, alright?”

Celestia cleared her throat. “Wh-What kind of ideas would I get, Wilder?”

“Well... Huh... I-I don’t know. Just felt like saying that.” He looked around at the dancers as he tried to gather his thoughts correctly. He felt even worse when he found himself rambling that time. “But, we’re all friends, just dancing here, right? Dancing together, all friendly and all? ‘Cause--”

Celestia sighed and smiled up at him. “Yes, Wilder, we are just friends dancing. It is okay. You are doing very well.” She decided to change the awkward subject. “You are a very good dancer, by the way.”

“Ah, comes with the trade, Celestia. A spirit of fun’s got to have some moves in him, right? Heh, heh.” He arched his eyebrows and grinned at her.

Celestia chuckled as they spun around. When the music stopped, she found herself sort of wishing for another song to come up. She did not know exactly why, but... It felt great to be there, dancing with him, so close together as the music played.

It was a nice sensation that she had never felt before. Her heart had skipped a few beats during the dance--she had never felt so thrilled, yet relaxed at the same time.

Whenever she looked at him while they moved, she found herself blushing, her movement getting a bit off for just a few seconds from her nervousness. It did not matter that they did not dance anymore, so long as it was still something that they did together. Whatever music came next would be excellent, so long as he was her dancing partner.

Before she could propose anything, however, Wilder quickly released her and brushed his mane back nervously as she stepped back. “Um... Th-That was fun.”

She nodded in agreement while she fidgeted with her front hooves. “Very.”

He looked at her as they moved forward, out of the dance floor. “Let’s go get some snacks. Things are great around here, you’ve got very good cooks!”

“Oh, liking the organic stuff, are you?” She chuckled as she stepped closer to him.

Wilder licked his lips when they approached a table with several dishes that had been carefully arranged for the guests. “Sure! They’re just as good as painted glass.”

He started eating some of the fancy dinner pieces. He winked at Celestia, who giggled at his delighted expression.


The ball continued through the night. At due time, the guests departed, entirely pleased with the most special and entertaining ball that the young princesses had hosted for them.

They all left assuring the princess their definite alliance for their kingdom, ensuring no less than the best of their recommendations to their fellow ponies back at their home.

Luna bowed her head as she and Celestia received the appraise and compliments of the departing guests. “Thank thee, we appreciate thy help. We art glad the night was to thy liking.”

Celestia nodded at a small group of talking ponies that made their way out the door. “Thank you for your cooperation. Yes, I will let Wilder know that was your preferred display. He will appreciate it, too. Yes, thank you very much. We hope you are well, too. Have a safe night.”

Once everything was over, Wilder wandered around the palace, searching for Celestia. “That was some party... I wonder if there’s still ponies to say goodbye to. Heh, serves the princesses right for throwing such a big party night! Hopefully many of them won’t stay over, though. I had enough entertainment for the night, don’t need the morning, too... Now, where’s that Celestia? I swear, this place is huge, can’t find anypony...”

Celestia covered her mouth with her hoof as she yawned after bidding farewell to the remaining guests. She looked at Luna as her little sister ordered some servants to escort a few more to empty rooms in the palace, as they would stay for the night and a few days.

“Well, I think this is enough for me, Luna. I will go to bed now.”

Luna nodded once she looked back at her. “Of course, sister. Bid thee good night.”

“You too. I am glad you had fun. Everything turned out great, did it not?”

“Indeed. This ball must certainly be the best we have hosted in years. Everypony was so satisfied and amused through the event.” Luna smiled a little. “Even us, sister. We never thought we would enjoy ourselves like we did during this night.”

Celestia smiled and held Luna back as she reached out to hug her. “Yes. I will let Wilder know about that. He had a great part in our success. See you tomorrow, Luna.”

After Luna left to the balcony, Celestia made her way through the long, decorated halls. She remembered that she had some studies to do. “Oh, right... Well, a little reading before bed will not hurt, it has to get done anyway... Might as well enjoy it.”

She blinked when she saw Wilder looking around. She smiled and made her way over to him. "What is it you are looking for? A place to sleep?"

Well, not exactly... He stretched as he floated in the air.  "Ngh...! Ah, that felt good. Wow. For the first time in days I feel the need to sleep. That’s weird.”

He floated on his back, right beside her as she continued her walk. “Tonight was SO exhausting! So much fun and performances, geez! I gotta say, I surprised even myself with all this. I certainly did outdo myself, didn’t I." He smiled a little as she laughed.

"You did a very good job tonight. Luna and I are grateful for your--”

“Oh, c’mon, it was nothing! Just me showing the ponies how to have real fun, is all.” He smirked smugly. “But, you know... All those compliments do sound very nice, coming from you.”

“Heh, heh. Oh, stop it, Wilder. You’re making me blush.”

“Well, you look adorable when you blush!”

“Oh, you. Listen, Luna’s out and will be busy her duties, so I will be the one to show you to the guest room that was assigned to you. I am sure you will like it, I assigned it with your preferences in mind.”

“The princess herself is going to walk me, all the way to my room? Oh, what an honor!”

“It is the least I can do, after all your help tonight. And, Wilder, I am just walking you to your room so you can rest. I am feeling rather tired myself. The room is on the way to the library, and I do have some studies I need to get to, so there. Come along."

She led him to the guest chambers after a short while. His room was all ready to be used.

She had ordered the room to be spacious, considering that he would appear his own form of entertainment when in the room. The bed was also big, neatly made. It seemed quite comfortable.

The windows were clear crystal, with thick curtains that fluttered slightly with the wind. Though there was no balcony outside, the room still had a nice, clear view to the palace grounds, the gardens, and the land around the palace, where ponies made their lives in the early kingdom.

"This is it. I hope it is to your liking, Wilder. It was prepared rather quickly, so there might be some--"

Wilder jumped on the bed and stretched himself again, cracking a few bones. "Oh, this bed is so plush! The room is nice, but you’re right. It does need some retouching.”

“Oh, is that so, Mr. Decorator? I will let the others know that--”

“Don’t worry, there will be a few details of my own in the morning. I’ll add them myself! After all, I’m the one who knows me better, right?" He chuckled at his own joke.

Celestia smiled and shook her head. “Very well, then. I must leave you and get to my studies now. It is quite late, and I still have to get some sleep.” She started to turn around towards the door.

He stopped for a moment and turned back to Celestia. "Wait, you said... studies... As, in a library?"

"Yes, that is what I said. We have plenty of books, as you may have noticed. Even in the villages around the palace, where libraries have already been constructed. Knowledge is the most important thing to have within a civilization, after all. But no library beats the one we have here at the palace.”

Wilder smiled a little at the princess’ pride. “You don’t say.”

“Yes. It is already quite vast, as my parents and their colleagues worked very hard to document everything that they learned from their past rule. They wanted Luna and me to be as prepared as possible for when our time came to take their position. I reckon they did quite a good job.”

“I’d like to see that library someday. Even though it doesn’t sound like the most fun place in the world...”

“Well, I will be glad to show you. We have already made a few contributions of our own. We have tried to turn our research and findings into proper additions to our parents’ work.”

“Oh, heh, heh. Learning already, princess?” He folded his arms as he leaned back against the bed.

“And plenty, at that! One never stops learning. With the advancing of the land and our kingdom, I am sure we will learn even more, and more will be available in our library. There will be so much to see and discover, I am glad Luna and I will have a new friend to keep us company and discover everything with.”

Wilder smiled brightly as he watched her look out the window. “You are?”

“Of course, Wilder. I do not usually lie. It will be our pleasure to have you learn at our side.”

He glanced aside with the smile still on his face. That’s... great...

“But for now, I must get to those studies, tonight. We will talk about the pride and joy of Knowledge in our kingdom later, I promise. I will see you in the morning, Wilder." She bowed her head a bit to him, then turned around to open the door.

"Wait, Celestia!” He looked down and nervously fidgeted with his tail, suddenly unsure of what to say. “Um... Do you think that maybe... Well... You think that, like... Maybe some book or other at the library has information about my existence?" He looked up at her with a worried expression.

She stopped when he finished his question, then looked back at him after a few seconds.

She had never seen that worried expression in him before. She had not seen him worried at all, since the short time that they had known each other--which already felt quite long.

"Your... existence?” She realized that in the time they had been friends, all the time that they had spent together, she had never questioned anything about his appearance or existence, not even to herself.

She had only done so, and at a very minimum, at the very start of their meeting, but she soon put those doubts aside when she befriended him, never gave those questions another thought until that moment.

She started to wonder if that had been right or wrong of her to do. Clearly, Wilder did wonder about himself, so why hadn’t she, to ease some of his worries?

How rude she had been for never expressing interest in something that he appeared to find quite concerning. She would make up for it and do her best to comfort him while remaining truthful to him nonetheless. He would want honesty after all, right?

“Well... I really am not sure, Wilder. But, since I am going to the library already, I promise I will read through as many books as I can. Maybe I can find something then. I will try hard."

Wilder looked down again. “Yeah... A-Alright.” He sighed and smiled at her despite his disappointment. “Thanks, Celestia. I appreciate the help.”

She raised an eyebrow when she noticed that he had not been satisfied with her answer. Not that I blame him, though. I would not be calm or easily reassured, either... If I was in his position.

So she walked back into the room and stopped beside the bed to give him a small, reassuring smile that made him seem a bit surprised and puzzled.

"You know... Now that you, Luna and I have gotten to know each other better, and have spent all this time together... It does really not matter to me anymore, what you are, where you came from. It only matters to me that you are Wilder; our friend, my friend.”

“Just... ‘Wilder’? But, c’mon, surely you...”

Celestia shook her head and put her hoof on his paw as she continued. “As for where you are from... You know what? If we do not find anything soon, you can just say that you are from this land. My friend, you are now a proud citizen of the land of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Both Luna and I will be more than happy to second that any time."

“Th-That’s all fine, thank you, really. But, Celestia, what I need to--”

She gently booped his nose with her hoof and chuckled slightly. "Stop worrying about that so much.”

What...? Wilder blinked, then looked at her other hoof as she placed it on his shoulder.

“It does not matter what or who you are, but what makes you so. That is what I have been taught by my parents and teachers, and I adhere to that." She took a deep breath as she worked up her courage.

Seconds later, the princess smiled again and kissed his cheek, then stepped down with a slight blush on her face. "Now, sleep well, my dear friend."

She laughed a bit as she walked to the door again. "By the way, thank you for not making puppy ponies out of any of my guests tonight. I appreciate that you saved us that trouble."

Wilder opened his eyes wider and stared ahead as Celestia walked out of the room.

He just sat still on the bed for a few minutes, still quite surprised and shocked by her approach. A blush that he attempted to hide crept over his face.

"You... You’re welcome... Celestia." He shook his head to snap out of his shock, then laid down on the big, comfortable bed, unsure of what else to think about, or if he would even be able to sleep.

“M-My first party here... Heh... It went rather well... Didn’t it...?” He muttered to no one in particular as he stared at a few cushions and pillows that he had levitated from the bed. He did not notice when he turned all the fluffy pillows into stuffed animals that came to hyperactive life for a brief moment.

He felt as though he could burst into a million fireworks for some unknown reason, yet could not bring himself to move past a few shivers. He was still rather shocked by what had just happened, but thrilled at the same time.

So many thoughts rushed through his head, but he did not even bother to sort through them anymore; he just let them fly by and wander as he tried to pull himself together while enjoying every second of his unknown and perfect feeling.

It suddenly occurred to him that he had not shown the fireworks display to the ponies. “Hm, I wonder why...”

He thought for a bit before coming to a conclusion that made him blush again. “I... I wanted to save those for... Celestia... And I did... Those will be for her, always, she liked them the most...”

He started bouncing on the bed again as he thought of Celestia’s favorite creations. “Ohh, boy, pink lemonade and fireworks, how great will that be! Hers forever, she’ll be real pleased!”

He quieted after a little while, not wanting to cause a racket. He sighed and made himself comfortable again, though he was certain he would not be sleeping for a while.
:squee: This has been so far one of my favorite chapters! Oh, but the one that's coming, in my opinion, will actually be a bit better than this one. And I finally finished the edit, too! Took me long enough.

The RP section of this part was actually much shorter and lacked so much interaction between the characters. Rather vague, as the other war plot came after this. But, with the RP becoming a fanfiction story, I decided to tweak it and improvised all the interaction! I think I did a great job. Wilder and Celestia, so awkward, him showing off, way too cute. Maybe I should have put a bit more of Luna in there... But she's timid, and well, gatherings aren't really her thing. I haven't seen her in any of the Grand Galloping Galas, so I figured she wouldn't make much of a scene in the ball, either.

I really liked Celestia comforting Wilder. Quite a powerful scene. Her pride in the library at the palace was adorable. She and Wilder quite don't realize that they like each other yet. Wilder doesn't even know about any deeper relationship than 'friendship', as you can see. Not yet. But he sure got thrilled with that kiss, didn't he.




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Dios, ¡el romance de este capítulo ha sido perfecto! La la la la  No es sólo una de las escenas más tiernas que recuerdo haber leído en fanfiction, sino en la ficción general :D ¡Bravo!
AAV-sama Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Muchas gracias, me alegro que te haya gustando este capítulo tanto como a mi.
NightSkyPrincess Nov 15, 2013  Student General Artist
AAV-sama Nov 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Guess they did. Kind of. ^^;
redfoxj Jun 19, 2013  Student General Artist
Had to look up the characters. Celestia x Wilder/Discord = A REALLY INTERESTING PAIRING.

This is such a good chapter. The interaction was spot on; made me feel like I watched a movie! While some of the paragraphs can be hard to follow, it felt exciting to read, even bring tears to me eyes.

I'm glad you submitted to the #Proofreading-Office.
AAV-sama Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I'm happy that you liked the chapter and that it let you feel the stuff that were happening. It was one of my favorite ones. I'm happy to have submitted to this group, too. You didn't know about the characters until now? I'm glad you learned about them.
redfoxj Jun 20, 2013  Student General Artist
I'm not a big fan of TV and the mlp fandom is fairly new to me.
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