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June 5, 2013
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Worst Chaos in Equestria

Zecora grunted and grumbled a bit as she made her way through the Everfree Forest. It had become more difficult than usual to navigate through the woods that were her normally quiet, solitary home, ever since a couple of nights.

For some reason, plants grew without stop everywhere, and just when Zecora thought she had them controlled, they went and did crazy antics before withering away, but not for long. As soon as plants and bizarre appearances in the land vanished, newer, more annoying ones went and replaced them.

Currently, she had to tread carefully over ground that continued to change in texture. A few seconds ago it had been soggy and swamp-like, before it turned back to its solid composition. Then the animals began to protest and let out annoyed reactions that nearly put her in danger.

She quickly pulled back as a snake hissed angrily at her. She sighed and gave it a sympathetic look. “I agree, my friend; I too long for a break.” She looked back at the path she had crossed with a frown. “I really do wonder how much of this we are to take.”

The snake shook its tail quickly with an indignant look as it slithered in the tree.

Zecora looked up, but still could see nothing unusual in the darkness. “Just when this interference has worn the entire forest to the bone, the force is gone and has not made its presence known. What a problem...”

Fog covered the ground, making it even harder to walk and not trip with the obstacles. Everywhere that Zecora turned to she could see the elements of the forest as they they all had a mind of their own. What surprised her the most was how quickly everything changed and then vanished; either withered away or just vanished into thin air.

The zebra finally stopped when she reached what appeared the source of all the disaster... A clearing that had nearly been upside-down with odd and bizarre creations and occurrences. It all seemed familiar in a way that she could not identify, but annoyed her nonetheless.

“Very well, this is where the situation seems most tough.” She looked around to try to locate any creature that might be responsible for the magic. “Do you not think, my reserved visitor, that we have had enough?”

When she received no answer, Zecora decided to walk closer to the abandoned objects and magic plants. She nudged one, but then jumped as it came to life and started dancing before her. In her surprise, she quickly muttered something in her native language.

Miseria’s ears perked up when she heard the music that the slithering tree had produced. She turned to the side and spotted Miseria as she gave her creations an odd and unamused look.

Zecora looked up at the silhouette that cautiously approached her. “I take it you are responsible for all this magic chaos and disorder?”

Bats of glittering colors flew out to greet her, laughing at her as she tried to get away. “Of course, what did you think? What, are you not satisfied with this performance?”

“I must say I am not. I would like to meet you and speak of this on the spot. If you...” She trailed off when she saw Miseria’s silhouette as it walked right before her.

Miseria appeared before her in her adolescent form. She seemed surprised, yet excited to see her. She let out a gasp and a big smile. “A visitor!”

Zecora glanced at her before she started to back away. “...You appear to be--”

Miseria immediately gave a step forward and then teleported beside Zecora. “Wait! What’s your rush? What’s your hurry?” She let out a relieved sigh and held her chest with her hoof. “You gave me such a fright--I thought you were a ghost!”

She led Zecora to a table that she appeared with a tap of her hoof. Her stretched hoof invited the zebra to take a seat on the colorful plastic chair that sprouted from the ground. “Half a minute, can’t you sit? Sit you down--SIT!”

When Zecora refused to sit down, Miseria flicked her hoof and pushed her down with her magic, making some of the licorice roots on the ground hold her in her seat.

“All I meant is that I haven’t seen a visitor for days!” Miseria quickly turned around and laid in the air to eye Zecora curiously. “Did you come here for a show, friend? Do forgive me if my head’s a little vague--”

Zecora grimaced and shuddered as a few unpleasant insects emerged from the chocolate milkshake that Miseria was about to offer her.

“Ugh! What was that? But you’d think I have the plague.” Miseria shooed the insects away before she held one that turned into sugar cubes in her hoof. “From the way that people, keep avoiding--no you don’t!”

She looked up just as Zecora nearly escaped from her seat and made her way to the trees. She tapped her hoof and made the branches of the trees wrap around her. She looked at her apologetically once she teleported beside the branches.

“Do release me, you--”

“Luna knows I try, friend.” Miseria showed her the empty clearing that held nothing but her discarded creations. “But there’s no one comes in even to critique.”

She smiled eagerly at Zecora and leaned closer to her. “Right you are, friend, would you like to take a peek?” She stepped back in the air as she awaited Zecora’s answer.

Zecora shook her head and gave her a small smile as she pulled away from the branches. “I do believe I would not, but I appreciate the gesture that you--”

Miseria sighed and dropped her on the ground while she made clouds appear over the unamused zebra and rain popcorn above her. “Mind you, I can hardly blame them...”

She pointed to the popcorn rain that quickly turned into dust bunnies, which in turn flickered with light before they went out seconds later. She also showed her the twisted, altered ground that tried its best to snare its way down the forest. “This is probably the worst chaos in Equestria...”

Zecora looked around, then gasped with realization. “So it is chaos that you have practiced here? It makes sense, animals will not even come--”

“I know why nopony cares to take it--I should know! I make it! But good? No!” Miseria walked forward and gave her creations a sad look. “The worst chaos in Equestria...” She looked up in thought. “Even that’s polite--the worst chaos in Equestria...”

Zecora blinked and looked at the purple and blue muffins that appeared before her. Despite their odd color, they actually seemed quite delectable and edible.

“If you doubt it, take a bite!” She turned around to watch Zecora bite the blue muffin that suddenly turned into simple, insipid frosting that dripped off in the air. She smiled a little when she watched her gag and nearly spit the muffin out. “Is that just disgusting? You have to concede it! It’s nothing, but frosting--”

She waved her hoof and levitated a glass of pumpkin juice in the air to offer it to Zecora. “Here, drink this, you’ll need it. The worst chaos in Equestria...”

Zecora gave the juice a cautious sip, then shuddered slightly when she found that the pumpkin juice was sour-flavored. “Oh, dear, what is this...?!”

Miseria smiled as she set her hooves on the ground to turn it into sand. “And no wonder, with those boring rules! What it is, when you get it--” She started molding and shaping some of the sand into the form of the Elements of Harmony bearers. “Never, thought I’d live to see the day--”

Her horn glowed as she moved some more of the sand into the princesses’ form. “Folks would think it was pure joy! Finding poor magic tools--what they’re starting to annoy!”

She moved beside Zecora and showed her a vision of Celestia while she greeted the citizens of Canterlot from the palace’s balcony. “Princess Celestia has a kingdom. Does her business but I notice something weird...”

Zecora raised an eyebrow as Miseria wrapped her hoof around her shoulders and altered the vision into Celestia standing on the balcony above the empty city. She tried to scoot away when the strange alicorn-like creature leaned closer to whisper to her.

“...Lately all her little ponies disappeared!” She blew on her hoof and made a cupcake appear on a silver plate, which she offered to Zecora. “Have to hand it to her, what I call... enterprise--popping ponies into pies.” She glanced forward, at no place in particular, with a mischievous smirk, then winked.

Zecora gasped and grimaced again when she heard Miseria’s last statement. She immediately moved away from the cupcake before it dissolved into colorful, bouncing frogs.

Miseria turned her around with a solemn face. “Wouldn’t do in my place. Just the thought of it’s enough to make you sick!” She smiled and nudged her forward as they both slid down a caramel slide that plunged them into vanilla pudding.

Zecora shook her head quickly as Miseria slid out of the pudding and leaned on the grass.

“But I’m telling you, those ponies sure are quick...”

“You are not making any sense. No matter how hard I try, I cannot to seem to get anything other than--”

Miseria brightened up when she turned around to face Zecora. “No denying times are bad, friend. Even badder than the worst chaos in Equestria...” She looked up at some of the trees that began to dance together, spreading their sharp leaves everywhere with each step that they took. “Nothing positive to add--”

She pointed at the scrawny trees with a grimace. "Is that just revolting? All splintery, and gritty.”

She glanced aside at a glass figure that resembled the shape of a phoenix. It was perched on the branch of another tree, but wobbled as it tried to peck the trunk. “It looks like it’s melting, and sounds like--”

Both Zecora and Miseria were suddenly startled by the melting glass bird’s ear-piercing screech that it had attempted to pass for a song.

Miseria fidgeted with her hooves nervously as she approached the bird. “Well, pity...” She distracted Zecora long enough to zap the bird with her tail and make it disappear into sticky glass pieces.

Zecora looked back at Miseria with a worried look. “If you were to change the direction of your art, I am sure that the result and satisfaction wouldn’t be quite hard--”

Miseria shook her head and looked down at Zecora while she motioned to herself. “A filly alone... With limited wind...”

She pointed to the clearing that was full of her magic influence. “And the worst chaos in Equestria....!”

Zecora frowned a bit. “I do not believe you have told me your--oof!” She grunted as Miseria pulled her up to hold her against her.

“Aye, friend... Times are hard... Times are hard~!” She held Zecora for a few seconds before she dropped her again.

She held her head and gave Miseria a look. “I do not know since when your chaos began... But don’t you think that all this is a bit far-fetched plan?”

Miseria frowned a bit as she tried to make sense of Zecora’s words. “Wait, what do you--”

Zecora stepped past Miseria as she continued to scold her. “I am not sure if this does ring a bell, but have you not learned that Chaos will not end well?” She pointed above her with her hoof, at the strong barrier that still surrounded the forest. “That said, do go on home, my dear, and end this vicious spell.”

Miseria glanced up at her barrier for a second. “Oh, you noticed. Huh. Weird, you’re not even a unicorn.”

Zecora sighed. “I am one versed in knowledge and the wise. I have learned my own deal of magic experience after so many trials and tries.”

“Hm. Okay, that’s interesting and all, but--hey, wait a second.” She looked at Zecora again. “Um... Could you explain to me how it is that you’re actually here? Like... In this place here. The forest is supposed to be--”

“Off limits to the outside folk?” Zecora smiled at the puzzled Miseria. “But that doesn’t seem to be all that Experience has spoke.”

“...Come again?”

Zecora looked at the trees around them. “You see, I seldom leave my beloved woodlands home. It is only on occasion, and to the very close Ponyville to which I these days roam.”

“Ohhh, now I get it! You were already inside when I cast the spell around the forest!” Miseria smiled and clopped her hoof down on the ground as she figured out Zecora’s explanation.

Zecora raised an eyebrow with another unamused look. “And some powerful spell it was you cast. You have left the folk both in and out aghast.”

“Oh, that’s flattering! So they noticed my little spell. You know, it took nothing to do...” Miseria blushed a bit and rubbed her hoof against her chest.

Zecora sighed and tried to walk forward. She looked up as Miseria floated before her. “I attempt to get back home.”

“You haven’t told me your name yet! It’s been a few days since I had some company. I’m growing terribly bored. Oh, don’t tell me you’re no fun at all...”

“Well... Zecora is my name. I do not originally come from here, but it is all the same, for the ponies that I have met have definitely grown fond and acceptant of me ever since to this place I first came. I am glad that my person and customs are receiving now a much positive fame.”

Miseria raised an eyebrow as she stared at Zecora while she spoke. “...You’re weird, you know.”

“That comment is to me of no surprise.” She chuckled and looked up at Miseria. “I can see you are new here; you’ll soon learn to look at this place with new eyes. Nothing is as it appears, but soon everyone conquers those fears.”

“And, you’re not making any sense! How am I supposed to understand--”

“You are quite an impatient one, for somepony with such a divine look.”

Miseria smiled. “Oh, you think I’m divine? You sure know how to flatter someone!”

“I do not judge the cover of a book.” Zecora glanced aside a bit worriedly. “But I must be on my way soon, young one. I am afraid that--”

“What?! But we’re just starting! I told you, I’m bored and you’ve visited me! You didn’t think I’d let you go so easily, now, did you?” Miseria sat on the air and giggled while she looked down at Zecora.

“I am sorry, I do not have time for games. Perhaps another time you can--”


Miseria immediately stopped as she heard her name called out across the forest. She recognized the voice too well. “Oh, that’s... That’s...!”

Zecora backed away as she watched. “This does not seem--”

“That’s brother! Oh, he finally came to visit! He sure took his time!” Miseria giggled and landed on the ground while a vanity dresser appeared in front of her.

“And what will you do now?”

“Look my best, of course. What else? Brother’s here, I have to make sure he finds the best of me. And my chaos, of course.”

“Your chaos?”

“Yep!” She looked aside as her name was called out again. “Coming, brother~” She glanced at the zebra while she powdered her nose. “Sorry, Zecora, but... The one I really wanted to see is finally here. So, I guess we’ll have to save your rhymey wimey for another time, okay? Do stay out of our way when we’re out having fun. See you later!”

“Wait, but you never told me--” Zecora shielded her eyes with her hoof as Miseria vanished in bright light. “...Oh, why do I even bother...” She walked away from the abandoned clearing while wondering about the strange, mismatched creature. “Hmm... At least she will probably be no problem when she finds her brother...”
...Phew! Okay. This took a bit more work than I imagined... Actually, no. I did imagine that it would take this much work. And... For some reason, I am not satisfied with it. Love the song, took some hell of work to incorporate to story mode and narrative... But... I feel like there could have been more going on during the chapter. Looks a bit... I don't know.

Does it seem to you guys like Zecora's just... there? Huh. Maybe because she is just there, hm? I don't know if you fully get the whole 'spontaneous singing number' that everyone gets with the show... I tried to make the details and actions as descriptive as possible. You know what? Maybe some day I'll come back to edit this thing. For now, it looks like this... I will readily await suggestions to make it better.

This was a chapter done completely from scratch, like a couple others that I've made before. My friend and I didn't RP anything for it that I could edit and retouch. I did it in just the last half of yesterday and today. So, I don't blame it for needing work.

Looks like there's not much point to this chapter in the first place, huh? But... Well... First off, we feature more of Miseria. You can see her mischievous little playful side without Discord around. So far so good... She's very happy to have a visitor. And even without Discord there, she completely idolizes him and works hard to be like him (dang it, now I have 'I Wanna Be Like You' stuck in my head). Zecora does not approve for the most part. She's like... 'what the hay...?!'

I had fun and trouble coming up with her lines. It was great. But I don't think I did her justice. You may be wondering, 'why Zecora, of all characters--minor and otherwise?' That's a good question. It could have been any other character... I'll admit that at first I thought of Big McIntosh (doesn't talk much, would get turned into a rabbit by the end or something). But then I thought, 'what would Big Mac be doing deep in the Everfree Forest at night?' The guy's got plenty of work to take care of!

Also, let's not forget that Miseria's barrier is on. Nopony can get in. So it would have to be somepony that was already inside the forest. DING-DING-DING! We have a winner!! Zecora was the perfect choice. Besides, I will feature Zecora again in the future, in a way where Miseria is already familiar with her, yet I showed no traces of them ever meeting. This chapter was made to fix that error.

Thank you for reading and telling me what you think!

Okay... Crediting (even though people SHOULD know none of this--except for Miseria--belongs to me):
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: :iconfyre-flye:
'The Worst Pies in London': Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, which was directed by Tim Burton

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Rubychan98 Jun 6, 2013  Student General Artist
Yay, Zecora! :D I agree with having somebody in the forest and that person being Zecora, it makes perfect sense! This was pretty good being from scratch and all. However, while reading through this chapter I found one tiny little error, "She blew on her hoof and appeared a cupcake on a silver plate", I think "She blew on her hoof and a cupcake appeared on a silver plate" makes more a lot more sense. :D I like Miseria's interaction with Zecora, it's quite amusing to watch. Too bad Zecora never learned her name, but I guess that's for another chapter. Also, I saw your most recent journal, (sorry your story didn't get accepted), thanks for the mention! :hug: I was really surprised when you mentioned me in you journal! :wow:
AAV-sama Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Well, you've been helping me edit some errors all this time, so you deserved some mention, pal!
How cute, Zecora makes an appearance- she's one of my favorite ponies! :D Also, is it strange that I listened to the song while I read your lyrics? XD I did like them, by the way. :) You matched them to the music and timing very nicely. :D
AAV-sama Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! I tried hard to do that. ^^; No worries, I read them while playing the song, too. In fact... I'd dare say Miseria could have been singing in that voice. Elena Bonham Carter's voice... minus the British accent. She sang the whole thing while in her adolescent alicorn form, so she would not sound like a child.

I like Zecora too, for many reasons, not just her rhymes (which I really tried hard with). So I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to feature her at least a bit. If Miseria is ever going to be reformed, I believe Zecora could be the one to do it little by little (when Discord is not busy doing it himself, of course).

I'm glad the lyrics made sense--I made an allusion with the 'pies' there in the lyrics. '--popping ponies into pies...' To the original lyrics of the song, of course, but also... I don't know if you've ever read the fanfiction called Cupcakes. That's the one (not that I actually liked that fanfiction, though. I didn't. I just felt like connecting it because I was already going to mention the pies, and Miseria being who she is would use a fourth-wall breaking pun [since the fanfiction Cupcakes of course does not exist in their realm even as a story]. Hence her winking in the audience's direction).
Funny, I thought the voice matched, too. :) (On a related note, Helena Bonham Carter is an awesome actress- she really is.)

Oh, man, yeah- I can only imagine how much difficulty the show's writers have in writing dialogue for Zecora that both rhymes and makes sense. But I think you did very well here! :D That would be neat, if it were Zecora who helped reformed Miseria- that would be nice little twist. :)

It's okay about the allusion- somehow I can see Miseria doing just that, 'popping ponies into pies'. LOL I haven't read Cupcakes (though from your opinion of it, I don't think I will, if it's not that good), but yay on fourth-wall breaking! (Discord does it, too, in Keep Calm and Flutter On, which gave me a chuckle; so it does make sense that his "sister" would do it too.) :)
AAV-sama Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Logical rhymes are so difficult, yet so much fuuun!!

The story is basically gore. In a nutshell... Pinkie Pie’s gone psycho in Ponyville. She kills ponies in the basement of Sugarcube Corner when their ‘number’ comes up (I’m guessing she has a raffle or something). Rainbow Dash’s number came up, so the gorey torture is described until Dash’s last appearance. ...I’m not a fan of gore. Nor am I a fan of Pinkie Pie being portrayed as an overrated psychotic, bizarre, masochistic killer that uses cupcakes and sweets for her bloody irony.

I find it adorable how much Miseria looks up to Discord, really. Her feelings are mixed up and all, but she still looks up to him and accepts that he might be better than her (even though her powers seem to be more destructive, so technically they’re stronger in that sense). I like how she’s turning out. In my opinion, she’s coming out as a pretty original character despite her fan/apprentice/self-claimed little sibling position.
I could never play Zecora- I'm terrible at rhyming stuff XD

Ugh, eww, I'm no fan of gore, either- nor am I much of a Pinkie Pie fan. I think I'll give THAT story a wide berth...

Of course Discord would have more control over his powers, that is, "be better", than she is, but that could be only because he's been around longer. He'll teach her how to use her powers, I'm sure, since their powers are almost the same, it looks like. :) But yeah, it is cute how she looks up to him. :) .

As I keep reading this, I keep thinking we should do an RP someday- perhaps my OC meeting Miseria (and possibly Dissy too)- but I'd have to think of an OC first- I don't have an MLP OC XD It would more than likely be a Draconequus rather than a pony XD
AAV-sama Jun 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I would love to have an RP with you sometime. I'm so glad that you seem to be enjoying Miseria as much as I do. I look forward to featuring her more so you all can get to know her better. I think she'd make an amazing character if she were to be canon.

All I can say about the levels of powers that Miseria and Discord have is this (I can't say too much because I would spoil it): Miseria has power, Discord has experience (not that his abilities aren't powerful, of course). This little boiled down comment will give an insight to major future events.
That would be wonderful! :D It's been interesting to see how she develops- it's almost like watching a kid grow up, because she's so new to the world and so inexperienced. :) Yeah- I think she'd be a neat addition, too.

Hoooo other words, thing'll likely get more chaotic before they get less so. Right? :plotting:
AAV-sama Jun 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You bet they'll be more chaotic. And dramatic, I'll tell you that much.
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