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June 24, 2013
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Just When Everything Was...

It was almost afternoon by the time Celestia returned to the palace to get a break. Despite all her investigations, she couldn’t come to a conclusion that explained everything.

She sat on her throne and let out a fatigued sigh. “I’m not going to let this go, there has to be an explanation for this! A good explanation... A good reason for it to be happening.”

Her eyes turned sad as she glanced down. Just when everything was going so well...

Discord and Fluttershy had brightened her morning when they showed up for breakfast. Their arrival gave her and Discord the chance to talk about things that desperately needed to be discussed. After their conversation, they had finally come to the point of forgiveness. Of giving one another a chance.

It’s... It was what I had wanted for centuries... What I wanted all along... She rubbed her eyes with her hoof. Just when I thought everything was over... All that pain, the anguish, the burden I’ve carried for years... Just when I thought everything had been fixed, things...

She shook her head and held in a small sob. Oh, things went horribly wrong... Within seconds! I still can’t believe it... How quickly and gravely things changed...

Modest had barged in on them, and embarrassed her with a very public display of... oh, she couldn’t even describe what it was--but it definitely was not ‘love’. It couldn’t be. She was certain that Modest did not have those feelings for him, and neither did she for him.

But... Whatever it was... It sure did a great job at making Discord misunderstand everything... It brought him further away from me... He was so angry when he left... He might even resent me again...!

She held a hoof over her face and tried to keep herself from crying as she remembered Discord’s confused expression that soon turned to jealousy, anger, and hurt.

I never should have even spoken to Discord in the first place... He’ll be back to his old self now... He probably won’t trust anypony anymore, not even Fluttershy! He’ll hurt himself again, and it’s all my fault. Whatever happened, I couldn’t keep Discord from misunderstanding--

She blinked and stopped herself in the middle of her thoughts. “Wait... Wait a minute...”

Keep him from misunderstanding what?

Well... It’s obvious, isn’t it? The wrong belief that Modest was in love with me, and that I loved him, of course... He misunderstood Modest’s intentions...
Celestia shook her head as she thought a little more. “Well, how did that happen? And why...?”

She turned around the corner of the garden to head deeper into the grounds, though she mostly ignored her surroundings during her thoughtful walk. “Why...?”

Such strange behavior... And, if you think about it... She grunted a bit as she felt herself being embraced again. “Oh, Modest, not this... I thought I’d dealt with it...”

She couldn’t think straight, not with Prince Modest clinging to her every five seconds to ridiculously profess his so-called love for her at the top of his lungs.

She sighed in frustration, facing Modest as he recited the fifteenth poem in six minutes. “Prince Modest...” She pushed him away and grimaced when he gave her a sweet look and smile. “Ohh--snap out of it!”

“Snap out of what, my dear? I don’t understand what it is you’re talking about. I’m too busy thinking about how beautiful you look this time of the day, you see--”

Luna walked behind Modest silently. She lowered herself and stood in a guarded pose, ready to jump at him when the opportunity came. I’ll show you who’s going to look beautiful once I’m done...

Celestia pointed at him. “This! This is what I mean! Modest, get a hold of yourself. It isn’t normal of you! You’re not this bothersome, loud, or obnoxious, and... and... What happened to your interest in Luna?!”

Luna stopped in her tracks and gave them both a surprised look. Despite her surprise, she couldn’t help blushing a bit. H-his... His interest for...

Modest laughed and waved his hoof dismissively. “This is one of the things I love about you, my darling. Your perfect sense of humor. That joke was quite a good one! You’re as lively and pretty as ever--”

“No! Listen! It’s not a joke, I’m dead serious! You have to come to your senses and remember! That’s the reason why you approached her in the first place, isn’t it?! Please--I know it was!”

Luna continued to stare at Modest as she thought about what Celestia said. So that’s... He actually does...

Her softened attitude hardened again into boiling anger when she saw that Modest dismissed Celestia’s comments and offered her flowers from a nearby vase, complementing it with flattery that was quite a bit on the heavy, sugary side.

She narrowed her eyes and stepped forward. Oh, that blundering, pretentious, cheeky, useless banality! A miserable, useless cur is what he is!

Celestia sighed and stepped away from Modest again. “That’s it, I’ve had enough. Somepony must have had the nerve to slip a love potion or other while you weren’t looking.” She blinked as she started to get a new idea. No... It wouldn’t have been a love potion, would it? None of those jokes are so strong...

She grunted again and tried to step away from the prince. “Don’t... Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the rumors spread by the gardeners--and everypony else, Modest. They were--”

Modest chuckled and leaned beside her. “About us taking a lovely walk under the moonlight, my dearest?”

Luna growled silently. Not in a million years would you be caught under my moonlight! More like my lightning--my nightmares, how would you like that?!

“Enough! I’m not going to deal with this anymore, I have other things to take care of. Luna, this is it. We’re going to hold him down! Just long enough for me to prepare a spell.”

“No need to tell me twice!” Luna smirked and jumped on Modest, immediately struggled with him. Who cares about any spell. I shall enjoy doing this--it’s the least that he deserves!

Modest struggled while Luna kept a tight grip on him. "UNHOOF me! You shall not interfere with our love!" He glared at Luna and tried to cast a spell to push her back. "Let me go! You have no right to meddle in this--stay out of it!"

Celestia rolled her eyes as Luna began to argue with him. Honestly, I wonder who or what did this... “This spell is quite a strong one. No wonder he behaved strangely, as the guards and service put it. Hm... So powerful...” She closed her eyes a bit as an idea came to her. Just like that barrier spell in the forest...

Modest grunted and looked up at Celestia as her horn glowed again. “Don’t do this! How dare you try to bewitch me, my love? My feelings will be unmoved by any spell, don’t you realize that?!”

I don’t believe it’s a coincidence... She raised an eyebrow as the glow in her horn vanished. “Okay, too strong a block for a memory spell. Strong... but not impossible.”

Luna gave Modest a look and deliberately smacked his head with her hoof as he tried to move again. “Ngh, do you... Do think you’ll be able to break it, Celestia? The... ‘spell’ that you say he’s under?”

“Luna, please trust me. I wouldn’t lie just to get out of this situation. Not me, you know that.”

Luna sighed and glanced at Modest again. “I suppose so...”

“I’m positive that he’s under a spell now. A very strong one. If only I had realized this earlier... I can’t get through it with the simple memory spell, though. It would have to have stronger reinforcement...”

“Well, do you think you’ll be able to get through that level of power? I mean...”

Celestia nodded as she walked around Luna and Modest. “I once wielded the Element of Magic. That I no longer hold it doesn’t mean I’m not powerful anymore, right? Every spell can be worn down, especially if the opposing power is increased with something that will help.”

“Well, it sure does sound like something far-fetched, I’ll be honest...”

She smiled when her eyes stopped upon Luna. “And I think know just the thing that might boost my power.”

Luna blinked and stared at her. “And what’s that?”

Celestia chuckled. “It’s perfect that you’re already so close to him, little sister. Now all you have to do is kiss him.” She walked up to them as her horn started to glow.

K-kiss... Did she say... kiss him...? Luna gasped and opened her eyes wide with surprise. She blushed bright red and almost jumped off Modest. “WHAT?!”

Her ears pulled back as she looked at Modest, who had been stunned with her accidental use of the Royal Canterlot Voice. “S-Sorry. I mean, I-I’m not sorry. You... deserved that. I mean...” She gave Celestia a desperate look. “You’ve got to be kidding. I can’t do that!”

Celestia shook her head. “There’s no other way. That should be strong enough to break the spell. Luna, that kiss would even be enough to let him fight the rest of the way without having to do much, I know it--”

Luna shook her head with uncertainty. She steadied her grip on the confused Modest once she realized she nearly let go of him. “B-but, sister, that--you know it’s--I could never do that. Y-you can’t ask that of us! Of--me. I... I really do not want to kiss him! It’s not fair, he dared hurt--I mean, just, defile--”

Celestia smiled just a little as she watched Luna try to stammer out a plausible excuse. “Well, it’s either that or calling and waiting for Twilight Sparkle to get here and help.”


“And we know that we wouldn’t just have to wait for Twilight, we’d have to wait for her five friends.”

“Well, I know, but... But, if we just--”

“And, Luna, I’m not going to wait that long.” Celestia started walking closer to Luna and Modest. “There are some things that I have to clarify with Discord right away. I can’t wait at all, and neither can Discord. I’m sorry, but I just have to be able to talk with him and clear things that were mistaken.”

“W-with Discord?”

“Yes. With Discord. But I can’t do it until Prince Modest is back to his senses! Some good it would do if I went and searched for Discord now. Not if Modest follows me and clings to me like glue while shouting his nonsense. You understand that, right?”

Luna let out an irritated breath. “Oh, of course I understand. You’re telling me.”

“Oh, good. I knew you would. Good, very good. Now hurry up and please help me.”

Luna looked down at Modest with a timid look. She took a deep breath, but that did not help ease the blush that was still on her face. Finally, she exhaled and glanced at Celestia briefly before she turned back to Modest. “Yes, sister. Very well, I’ll do it...”

It will just be a quick one. Just enough to help him break the spell. As soon as the spell is gone, it will be over and the Prince will remember nothing. How nice is that, Luna? It’s cut out for you.

She grimaced a bit as she stared at the prince that struggled under her. She could see the anger and annoyance in his eyes. To say that he definitely did not like her that particular moment was an understatement. It’s... It’s just as Celestia says. Believe in her. It’s the spell talking. Nothing but the spell.

Celestia stepped a bit closer. “Luna...”

Just make it quick, Luna. A few seconds. He won’t even notice. That’s right, it’ll be easy. As easy as the stars. Easier than the stars. I just have to handle one little, quick kiss. Not millions of them. Just... one.

“Anytime now, Luna...”

Luna took another breath before she closed her eyes. I know, I know... Just... Just let me do this... She lowered herself down closer to Modest. As Modest stared at her and tried to protest, she gently kissed his lips and held herself in that same positions for a few seconds, while Celestia approached.

Celestia smiled and chuckled a bit as her horn glowed white. Alright, time to finish this. It’ll definitely be strong enough now... She lowered her head so that her horn would touch Modest’s head.

His body glowed a bit golden with Celestia’s magic as the strengthened Memory Spell flowed inside him. His eyes also glowed for a few seconds as the spell broke within him.

Celestia stepped back and laughed once. “Yes. It’s working.”

Modest groaned as he returned to normal. He slowly opened his eyes as he felt the weight of somepony upon him. Ngh... What’s this...? Wait, where am I? What’s happen--

His pupils shrank as he opened his eyes wide, and a shocked blush crept rapidly on his face when he stared at Luna, who was still on top of him, kissing him. "P-Princess... Princess Luna..."

Luna opened her eyes wide with surprise, blushing bright red as well. She yelped and jumped off him, then scooted away. “I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Really, really sorry! I-I just... Um... Well... Th-this spell...”

Modest winced and rubbed his head. “Spell...?” He tried to think about what Luna was explaining with a rather quick tone and voice, but he could hardly think, with his head spinning and light as it felt.

Celestia sighed with relief as she realized that the spell was finally broken. Oh, thank the stars... She turned around and saw that things started to change dramatically in Canterlot.

Suddenly, the ground began to change its material, becoming soap, then ice, then butter, and all kinds of things. The buildings also changed and even vanished from sight within seconds.

Chocolate rain started to fall, followed by hail of hard candy and jawbreakers that fell fast and hard upon the fleeting citizens. Many other things began to occur, most of which were actually rather destructive instead of simply bizarre. Some citizens began to suffer injuries from the shifting environment.

Modest shook his head to try to clear it, then looked at Luna. “Wait, princesses. What do you mean--”

“This isn’t good. There’s no time to explain!” Celestia turned around and looked at Luna. “Luna! You and Prince Modest must go get Twilight and the other five. The Elements of Harmony will be required yet again. I’ll go straighten things with Discord. This can’t wait any longer!”

She ran forward before the other two could say anything else. Please don’t do this to yourself, Discord. Not again. Please don’t make us hurt you again...!

Luna nodded and stood up. She looked at Modest. “Prince, can you move? Are you okay?”

“Ngh... I’ll be fine. I’ve got to be; I must help you. After what’s happened, it’s the least that I can do.” He gave her an apologetic glance. “Princess. If... If anything happened, or anything was said, then you must--”

“Good. Good that you’re alright.” Luna let out a breath and started to walk. “We must get moving, then. There’s not much time.” She grimaced as Modest followed her quietly, then muttered to herself.

Discord sighed heavily as he slithered back to the darkest place of the Everfree Forest. He laid in silence beneath a tree’s shadow. His heart was as broken as it had ever been, and to make matters worse, he could not stop thinking about the events yet again. Nothing that he brought up made him change his mind.

To think I believed she had changed... But she’s still the same as ever, isn’t she? A hypocrite little princess claiming to be good and gentle... Oh, once again she toyed with me just the way she wanted! He growled, then sighed again and looked down. “No... I let myself be played with. I was such a fool... Once again I did stupid things for others that did not deserve it. They did not deserve it at all.”

He shook his head and laid down on the ground, muttering to himself and grumbling a bit. He did not notice that Miseria actually laid not far away from him on the grass, still sleeping.


Her ear perked up as she heard some noises on the clearing where she rested. “Hmm...” What is it now...?

She yawned as she slowly awoke from her nap. She lifted her head and looked around, though she remained cuddled on the ground. “Hm...? Oh...” She sniffed the air and recognized the scent that had approached the forest. “Big brother...?”

She yawned as she slowly awoke from her nap. She lifted her head and looked around, though she remained cuddled on the ground. “Hm...? Oh...” She sniffed the air and recognized the scent that had approached the forest. “Big brother...?”

Discord did not reply or made any notion of acknowledgement. He simply continued to lay on the ground with his face hidden by his paw.

She stood up and teleported above him. “Discord? Oh, you should have mentioned you were coming...” At least you could have said you were already here... She tilted her head as she approached him quietly.

Then she smiled and fell down on him to bounce on his body. “Ahh, big brother, you’re here! Finally here, aren’t you? Hee, hee! Oh, how clever of you to not make any noise, you almost got me!”

Discord only let out a muffled groan as Miseria continued to go on and on excitedly. Great. Just what I needed. Having to worry about this. Because right now, entertainment is quite a worry and burden...

Miseria stared at him, then laughed again as she continued to talk. “Oh, c’mon, don’t be like that! Where’s all the playfulness, huh? You couldn’t have come here just to mope around. Let’s go! Let’s have fun!”

Discord sighed, but once again didn’t say anything else.

“Okay, then, I’ll think of something for us to do. We could... maybe sing... No, I don’t feel like singing right now. Just do random stuff! We’re great at that, right?” She turned around to glance at Discord and remained quiet for a few seconds. It seems like it worked... I gotta admit, I’m impressed of myself... It’s for the best. Always remember that.

She giggled and played with the tip of Discord’s tail as she hummed to herself. Before long, he’ll be back to normal. And we’ll play as long as we want. No more morning leaves, he’ll stay for as long as he wishes!

“Oh, that would be lovely, wouldn’t it, brother? I mean, imagine not having to leave. Ever. Staying here with me... Not having to worry about anything or getting your heart broken... I would like that. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t like that. Look at this forest! It’s a wonder, isn’t it?”

Discord closed his eyes and tried to drone out Miseria’s talking. Really, really not in the mood... He shook his head as Miseria continued to talk to herself, though she didn’t seem to mind at all. Why on earth would she do something like that? I didn’t know she still had it in her... Luring me in with all those lies during that speech of hers... She’s not repentant at all, is she? Hmph. So convincing, she seemed. Could’ve fooled me.

He glanced up at the sky and grimaced. And she did... I fell like a fool. Well, I’ll get back at her some time, I’m sure. I mean, there’s got to be something I can do later. She won’t get away with it this time...

“And we could turn all the ground into sea! Oh, imagine swimming all around, with... With so many things that you make! I’d love that. I’ve never actually seen sea creatures. I’ve got to know what they’re like.”

Just when everything seemed to be working. But of course, the truth always comes out, doesn’t it? It came out to blow in her face. Oh, did she seem surprised... I wasn’t going to let her make a fool of me much longer. He moved his head away from Miseria and groaned once more. ...I can’t help it, can I?

He closed his eyes again and nearly succeeding in drowning out Miseria's chattering as he drifted off into a quiet, gloomy nap. Well, might as well get some sleep. Nothing will be going on for a while.
Wow, this took way too long. I’m sorry. I should be working faster on this, since this is my last week before I have to go to break... I swear I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe it’s the rate that I’ve been working on. It’s finally getting to me, oh no! I’ll keep working, I swear. So much on my plate before I have to leave.

And then I’d like to let you know that I won’t actually be quite that gone until the 12th of August. I should be able to get online every so often.

Anyway! Chapter seemed a bit of a bore, didn’t it? But... Something important happened! And for once it’s actually not really got to do with Discord! Much. Ish. Celestia finally realized what is wrong with Modest. She decided to break the spell once and for all! Lucky Luna was quite in handy, isn’t it? And what do you know, the kiss was just the needed thing to break the spell, wasn’t it? Like any good old story. Only with a bit... of a couple twists. I quite liked that.

Pessimistic attitude, Discord has... I don't like the ending. Again. Seems a bit of a monologue or something... And I think it could use a bit more action. But oh, well, everything else was great. And Discord is in a poor mood, so I guess the gloomy ending's understandable. Glad you guys have been reading so far. I think you'll like the next chapter.

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It was NOT a bore- I was wondering how Miseria's spell on Modest would be broken, and I figured it was more than a simple memory spell! Yay for Luna kissing him!!! :heart: But I feel bad for Dissy- I'm not used to "seeing" him in such a sad/bad mood. I wonder, though...that mayhem in Canterlot...I wonder if that's him acting out of anger, or Miseria just having her idea of fun...? All in all, a good chapter- can't wait for the next one!
AAV-sama Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It's Miseria, definitely. You can tell by how it becomes destructive after a while, the magic. Discord's not in the mood to even use his powers, he's got enough on his plate as it is.

I really liked the way Modest's spell was broken, too. Typical storybook stuff that in my humble opinion was well put. Maybe I could have given that part a few more details, but I really liked it anyway. Those two always end up being cute comic relief in one way or another... I especially liked her angry thoughts towards Modest.
And I have a feeling it's only gonna get worse for Canterlot unless Celestia stops Miseria... Plus I also hope she patches things up with Discord, though I know he won't be an easy nut to crack this time...

I did, too- I was laughing as I read them, and was actually expecting her to pounce on him or something XD I agree- perfect comic relief, but oh so cute too! :D
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